Top 5 Chankya Niti Quotes

Top 5 Quotes by One of India's Greatest economists and  a Political pundit - Chanakya
Chankya Quotes

Chankya Niti Quotes

Chankya Niti Quotes

Chankya Niti Quotes

Chankya Niti Quotes
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Top 10 Chankya Quotes for the Youth

Must Read collection of famous quotes by the great Indian Political Pundit and economist Chanakya !

Quotes by Chanakya

Dharma is at root of Happiness
Sukha Mula Dharma

By happiness , Chanakya Means to happiness of the people and by dharma is meant the dutifulness of the rulers. As long as the the ruler or the administrator is conscious of his duties towards the people , they will be happy and contended.

Wealth is at root of Dharma ( Dutifulness)
Dharmasya Mulartha 

In order to govern the state well and to keep his people happy and contented , wealth is essential welfare of the people is not possible without money.

Prosperity or wealth depends on ( Good governance ) of the state
Arthasya Mula Rajyam 

In order to promote prosperity of the people and stability of the state. It is essential that the state is run efficiently.

Victory over the senses ( self control ) is the root of ( stability of ) state.

One who is able to control and conquer his desires , is alone , competent to rule the state in a just , impartial and benovolent manner.

Humbleness is at the root of sense control.
Indriajayasya Moola vinaya

In order to control over one's senses, one has to be humble and modest. It is the learning that makes man humble. A ruler with an inflated ego and arrogance cannot be a good ruler. If he gets down to solving the people's Problems , He has to become humble to succeed.

Attending the elders is the root of humbleness.
Vinayasya Moola vradhopsewa

Irrespective of their status in the society , the ruler has to begin by looking after the needs of the aged.

True Knowledge ( or wisdom ) results from the service of elders.
Vradhasewya Vigyanam

Methods and Techniques of governance can be learnt from the texts but the wisdom of the aged and experienced provides accurate practical knowledge.When the theory and practice come together. It is called Wisdom.

With wisdom one becomes capable.
Vigyanenatmanam sampadyet

Wisdom raises the quality of governance the wisdom is the combination of theory and practice. It makes the ruler more capable and more efficient.

A capable king only become victorious.
Sampaditatma Jitatma Bhavati

Once the ruler has conquered his desires, He becomes wise and strong enough to conquer others.

The Victorious ( King) happens to attain all the riches.
Jitatma Sarvarth sanyujayat

It is necessary for a good and successful ruler to keep his desires under control. If he succeeds in doing so. He cannot only get his wishes fulfilled but also gain prosperity.

Economic Prosperity of the state create prosperity for the people
Arthasampat Prakratisampada karoti

A prosperous ruler will govern the state well , take up welfare activities for the people and promote commercial activities with the result that soon the people also become prosperous.

12 Best Chanakya Quotes for the politicans on How to Run the government

Chanakya Quotes

The subjects being prosperous , leaderless kingdom can be governed.

In the absence of the king , the people because of their prosperity , make alternate arrangements and the state continues to run. On the other hand , poor and indigent people will fight with each other and there will be anarchy all around.

People's Fury is above all the furies

The foremost duty of the ruler is to keep his people , happy and contented. The people are his biggest asset as well as the source of peril. If they are Unhappy and dissatisfied , they will revolt against him and overthrow him.

To be without a king is better than having an arrogant king.

The people expect soscour and sympathy from the ruler.But then , instead , they see the insolence and ostentation life style of the ruler who displays unconcer for their welfare they become unhappy. The people would manage the affairs of the state much better if such a ruler were not there.

After equipping oneself fully , one should seek an Ally.

The ruler should have Discrimination and the wisdom of identifying and choosing trustworthy and suitable persons of ability to assist him. This is possible only when he himself is an able person.

It is not possible to take decision without an adviser

An able ruler will choose his assistants wisely. These assistants are specialists in their own fields. The ruler before taking any decision , must consult his assistants so as to reach a correct and proper decision.

Single Does not move.

The state has two wheels . One is the ruler and the other is his ministers or assistants . As a chariot
cannot be steered by one wheel, so the king alone cannot govern the state. In other words , the ruler should not be autocratic but his decisions should be democratic , broad fasted and consensual and taken after due consultation with ministers.

The true aide serves alike in prosperity and adversity.

Loyalty is the first quality of a good minister. He should not be an opportunist like the rats who leave a sinking ship. The ruler while choosing his assistants should look for trustworthiness and loyalty. A loyal minister will be with the ruler always in sunshine and rain.

A self- Respecting King should appoint as counselor one who is inferior to him and one who respects him.( the king)

The ruler should be , at the same time , a supporter and a critic of his own proposed decision. Before reaching a solution , he should seriously consider both the pros and cons of a situation as well as the possible criticism that his opponents and critics may level at him

An impertinent person , However lovable , should not be taken into the counsel

The ruler should exclude an impolite and rude person from discussion of official matter regardless of love he may have for the latter. Discussion and consultation on official matters should be confined to persons of discretion, maturity and good behavior. A childish immature , imprudent and rude person has no place there. The ruler may love him but that is his personal choice which should not be mixed with governance.

One who is learned and free from deceit should be made a minister

The ruler should appoint only those persons as his ministers who are learned and specialized in their fields and who are tried and tested. There should be such persons as cannot only render correct and specialized advice to the king but whose honesty and integrity is beyond question

All the actions and plans begin with counsel.

For execution of any piece of work , methodical planing is very essential. Well planned is half done. A good plan can be prepared only after extensive consultations.

Accomplishment of the task depends on guarding the secret of the counsel.

Whatever consultations take place between the king and his ministers, They should be kept secret. This secrecy will prevent any leak to the enemy who , if he has access to the plans , will thwart the plans . Perfect secrecy , Therefore should be maintained.