Top 10 Chankya Quotes for the Youth

Must Read collection of famous quotes by the great Indian Political Pundit and economist Chanakya !

Quotes by Chanakya

Dharma is at root of Happiness
Sukha Mula Dharma

By happiness , Chanakya Means to happiness of the people and by dharma is meant the dutifulness of the rulers. As long as the the ruler or the administrator is conscious of his duties towards the people , they will be happy and contended.

Wealth is at root of Dharma ( Dutifulness)
Dharmasya Mulartha 

In order to govern the state well and to keep his people happy and contented , wealth is essential welfare of the people is not possible without money.

Prosperity or wealth depends on ( Good governance ) of the state
Arthasya Mula Rajyam 

In order to promote prosperity of the people and stability of the state. It is essential that the state is run efficiently.

Victory over the senses ( self control ) is the root of ( stability of ) state.

One who is able to control and conquer his desires , is alone , competent to rule the state in a just , impartial and benovolent manner.

Humbleness is at the root of sense control.
Indriajayasya Moola vinaya

In order to control over one's senses, one has to be humble and modest. It is the learning that makes man humble. A ruler with an inflated ego and arrogance cannot be a good ruler. If he gets down to solving the people's Problems , He has to become humble to succeed.

Attending the elders is the root of humbleness.
Vinayasya Moola vradhopsewa

Irrespective of their status in the society , the ruler has to begin by looking after the needs of the aged.

True Knowledge ( or wisdom ) results from the service of elders.
Vradhasewya Vigyanam

Methods and Techniques of governance can be learnt from the texts but the wisdom of the aged and experienced provides accurate practical knowledge.When the theory and practice come together. It is called Wisdom.

With wisdom one becomes capable.
Vigyanenatmanam sampadyet

Wisdom raises the quality of governance the wisdom is the combination of theory and practice. It makes the ruler more capable and more efficient.

A capable king only become victorious.
Sampaditatma Jitatma Bhavati

Once the ruler has conquered his desires, He becomes wise and strong enough to conquer others.

The Victorious ( King) happens to attain all the riches.
Jitatma Sarvarth sanyujayat

It is necessary for a good and successful ruler to keep his desires under control. If he succeeds in doing so. He cannot only get his wishes fulfilled but also gain prosperity.

Economic Prosperity of the state create prosperity for the people
Arthasampat Prakratisampada karoti

A prosperous ruler will govern the state well , take up welfare activities for the people and promote commercial activities with the result that soon the people also become prosperous.


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