Chanakya Quotes on Acquisition of wealth is rooted in activity.

Wealth is acquired by means of livelihood. When the king /politician and the subject both are efficient and active, Then only prosperity follows. Moreover, the means of acquiring money should not be impeded by the untoward. The ruler’s duty is to check them.

Righteousness and pleasures have their root in wealth.

Dharma does not refer to duty only. The actions of spiritual uplift do also come under the category of Dharma. In the same way Kama does not mean merely sexual desire. It includes in itself many other desires and wants. Dharma (righteousness) and Kama (Pleasure) both depend on supply of money. No ritual can be performed without money. No desire can be fulfilled without money. The ruler and the ruled are expected to attain all these objects of life.

Wealth is the root of work.

It is the money by which individual and social tasks are accomplished. Even the royal power is protected by goddess wealth.

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