Chanakya Quotes for Kings , Administrators , Ministers and Rulers

 Decision should be taken on the unanimous opinion of three (counselors).

While discussion a project, if consensus emerges among the ruler, the minister and, the adviser, the success of the project is ensured.

Ministers should be the ones who know the true implications of what ought to be done and what ought not be done.

Only a person of discrimination should be appointed minister. A prudent thinker and astute analyst who can discriminate between different courses of actions and release their pros and cons and one who understands the king, should be appointed minister.

On being heard by six ears (i.e.) third person other than the king and the minister), secrecy of the counsel is broken.

The final decision should be taken by the ruler and the , minister concerned. Even the adviser should have no io inkling of it. If any third person (fifth and sixth) ears is involved the information is bound to be leaked.

According to Chanakya A friend is that who is affectionate in difficult period.

One who is constant in his affections, is a true friend. One who deserts his friend at the time of distress, is a selfish opportunist, not a friend.

A congregation of above mentioned friends develops the strength of a king.

A true friend is one who is loyal and constant in his affection both in good as well as bad days. The ruler should have as many true friends around him as possible. They will make the king stronger.

A strong person (a king) tries to get what has not been obtained.

A ruler, like any other, has to be strong enough to bring along benefits his people.

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