Chanakya Quotes for Kings & Rulers

Even a weak king should not be insulted

The politician or King represents the country. In his insult lies the insult of the country. So political Pundit Chanakya pronounces the ruler / Politician should never be despised.

Even ( a spark of) fire is not weak.

Even a small spark of fire can burn the whole forest. Fire should never be treated as weak. A ordinary ruler also becomes strong with the co-operation of his subject. So king (or fire) should never be insulted or neglected.

Worth of akin is known by his adoption of polity ( or proper use of scepter).

A King or politician’s efficiency is judged by the proper use of scepter. The wicked are subdued by use of scepter, otherwise the public life is disturbed. The disturbed public ( or subject) is not happy. This proclaims inefficiency of the king( or the ruler).

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