Chanakya Quotes on Rulers , Politicians and Army

A king (or the ruler who cannot control his sense organs and mind, becomes addicted to sensual objects, pleasures and vices.Even one with a fourfold army is destroyed if Politician or Ruler is a slave of the senses.His thinking faculty and peace get destroyed. A slave of the senses may have a large army but is unable to protect his kingdom and AAM JANTA.

One addicted to gambling does not accomplish anything.

A gambler is good for nothing. Even a common man addicted gambling cannot look after his family or society, so what to say of a ruler who addicts to gambling. With an addicted ruler the state reaches to political crisis and financial crises.

A ruler or Politician addicted to hunting loses his dharma ( righteousness) and wealth.

The duty of a ruler , King or Politician is to safeguard the state and the people. If he is engrossed in hunting, he forgets everything. Moreover, hunting is a very very expensive vice. If money form the treasury of the kingdom is spent in such vices, it is really a loss of public money.

A drunkard ( Politician , Ruler or King ) cannot accomplish any task.

A person addicted to drinking cannot perform his duty. A ruler who is drunkard, his minister and other employees become careless. Thus the decline of state is inevitable.

The lust – Ridden ( Politician ) cannnot perform his task )

Lustful ruler is so much engrossed in several relationships that he forgets his duties towards people of the kingdom. A a slave to lust he cannot save himself what to say of guarding the state.

Sting of words is stronger than the burning of fire.

This CHANAKYA POLITICS teaching applies to king as well as to each and everyone ( or the subject) . Harsh words are stronger than the burning of fire. Only an angry person speaks such harsh words. It is also a kind of vice. The wound caused by fire is healed up but injury caused by ill words cause disputes and enmity. So it should be avoided.

By excessively cruel punishment, The Ruler is hated by all.

The ruler has aright to punish. But this punishment should be in accordance with the offense. Also punishment should be able to amend the behavior of the punished. If punishment is cruel then the giver of the punishment is hated by all. Actually excessively cruel punishment originates form the negative feeling of anger which destroy justice.

Prosperity abandons one who is satisfied with wealth.

Satisfied with the present treasure, a king of the ruler stops doing efforts for gaining more money.Such a ruler is abandoned by goldess of feature.For the development of the state money is drawn form the treasury. If there is no further income, the balance in the treasury keels on declining . An efficient enthusiastic performer always plans things which may add to the income of the state.

An enemy should be won over by the use of political science.

An enemy can be subdued by political skill. If a ruler does not posses power to punish traitors, he is attacked by them. The internal enemies should be initially curbed by punishment. Also administration of justice should not be weak to allow external elements to plot against.

The people are protected through the people usage of political science.

Protection of the people is the primary duty of the ruler or Politician. It depends upon the proper usage of the policy of punishment. The ideal form of punishment policy is that in which the culprit gets punishment and not the innocent. Curbing of the wicked and the enemy is based on proper administration of laws of justice.

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