Chankya Quotes about Friendship ,enmity and Treaties in Politics

Chankya Quotes about Friendship ,enmity and Treaties in Politics

There is always a cause for friendship and enmity. If a rulers extends hands for friendship, a tactful ruler should try to ascertain it. Then only he should reject or accept the friendship.

The one who is facing defeat should form alliance.

A weak king’s policy should be to accept alliance with a strong ruler for a while. Thus avoiding war with a strong ruler he can increase his political power.

one should not accept treaty from a weak enemy.

To accept a compact or treaty from a weak enemy is equal to political murder. A clever politician should curb his enemy with his power.

Power is the only cause of an alliance.

A true treaty is between two equally powerful rulers. The power of rulers depend upon their treasury and military forces.

Unheated metal does not coalesce with metal.

Just as unheated mental cannot be combined with heated metal, a true treaty is not possible between weak and strong rulers. A small but powerful state can execute treaty with a strong state for indulging in battle is not beneficial for that ruler.

The strong ruler should attack on the weak (Enemy)

A battle should be fought with a weak enemy . Conquering the weak enemy, a clever politician should grow in power. It is always better to avoid fighting with a strong enemy.

One should not fight with a superior or equal .

Always avoid fighting with those who are superior in power and valour. Otherwise defeat is must.

Fighting with a stronger enemy is like that of infantry with the elephant force.

This Chanakya politics Teaching enjoins a precaution that fighting of a weak with a strong is like that of infantry with the elephant force. A pedestrian will be crushed by an elephant. This does not mean retreat. It is an inspiration to develop power so that the victory is confirmed.

An unbaked vessel breaks down on colliding with another unbaked vessel. (equals should not fight).

Just as two unbaked vessels are destroyed after collision in the same way two equally powerful states get destroyed after the battle.

Enemies efforts should be watched.

There should be constant vigilance upon the activities of the enemy. Strong spy-system can be effective in this matter.

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