Top 3 Chanakya Quotes on Lazy Politicians and Leaders

 Lazy ruler does not make effort to attain what  has not been obtained

A lazy person , ruler or Political leader cannot achieve any wanted thing because of his inaction. He is like a parasite who depends on others for his sustenance.

A lazy ruler is not able to guard even what has been begotten.

If, by chance a lazy person gets thing to call his own, he cannot ensure its safety.

Anything looked after by the lazy does not grow.

A ruler, like any other person, should try to make his health grow. Such a ruler who is lazy, is doomed to failure because in order to run the state, money is required . And he can neither protect the state not wealth.

A lazy Leader cannot even command subordinates

The subordinates of a lazy ruler also become lazy and negligent. There is no one to make them work.It is a crime, there fore , for a ruler to be lazy.

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