Chanakya Quotes on Importance of Secrecy and Counsellor

 The secrecy of counsel is of supreme importance.

Chanakya enunciated the principle of ministerial secrecy 2300 years ago which has been adopted by the governments all over the world now. In order to make the state strong and secure, it is vital that all governments’ plans relating to defense and foreign affairs be kept secret.

When a problem does not seem to have a solution, it is the counsel that acts as a beacon.

On a dark night, nothing is visible. But a small lamp shows the way. Similarly when no solution to a problem is in sight consultation with and advice of is ministers can show the right path to the ruler.

While counseling (with the ministers) there should not be quarrels. - Chanakya

During consultations with his ministers, the ruler should maintain a cordial and friendly atmosphere. He should not degrade or humiliate them. He should treat them with respect and listen to them with an open mind.

Though ministerial eyes the weakness of the enemy are seen - Chanakya

It is only through consultation with his ministers and advisers that the ruler comes to know the weaknesses of his enemies and exploit them to his advantage.

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