Chanakya Quotes on self-protection and Punishment in Politics

The scepter links one to riches.It is only the proper justice delivered to the
People, that links a ruler or a state to riches. If law and order is languid, the source of income like income tax, property tax and business etc. are obstructed . Also the powerful ones start looting the weak. This hampers the overall prosperity of the people.

In the absence of scepter, there are no minister(as they become corrupt)

If the administration of justice gets neglected, able and honest ministers become rare. Because then corruption becomes the way of life. The corrupt minister take the state to doom.

Due to fear of punishment rod, people do not do things which should not be done.

Fear of punishment guards the society from the criminals. The curbing, assaulting, fine penalty and sending to jail are the forms of punishmet. If they are properly meted to the criminals, they stop commiting crimes. Then the state is safe and its Dharma, Artha and Kama is protected.

Self protection depends on the practice of political science (specially the Dandniiti).

Self protection of the ruler is also dependent upon proper administration of justice. The ruler is the first citizen of the state in other words we can say that the ruler is one of the member of the state

or we can say that ruler rules the state with the support of the people. The excess of crime in the state makes the life of the people miserable. If
they revolt, the ruler also is in danger.

self-protection , all are protected.

If the ruler is saved or protected then only the state will be saved or protected. The ruler is the representative of the hops and powers of the whole state. The attack on the ruler is considered to be the attack on the state. So the king should protect himself from the criminals and enemies.

Advancement and decay are dependent on oneself.

Everybody is responsible for hid advancement or decay. If the ruler and the ruled both are efficient the country’s advancement is sure. If they are nt efficient and addicted to vices, both (king and the subject) are decayed.

The scepter should be wielded wisely.

The king has the power and right to punish. This power and right is to exerted after due Contemptation. The judge should pronounce punishment after through investigations only & should be impartial.

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