Top 10 Chanakya quotes on Treaties , Enemy and Refuge in Politics

Collection of Chankya quotes on Treaties , Enemy and Refuge in Politics

case of many enemies, treaty should be entered into with one only.

If there are more than one enemy, a treaty should be formed with one only. Treaty with all the enemies may be destructive for the welfare of the state.

one’s security should be guarded from the anger of enemy.

A state should be protected from internal and external enemies because both of them weaken the kingdom by arson and violence Etc.

The weak one should seek refuge in the strong.

A ruler deficient in military power, fortification and treasury should take refuge in one endowed with these. Then only he can be strong enough.

Refuge in the weak results in sorrow.

Alliance with weak causes loss. What is the use of forming relations with a weak ruler who cannot handle his own problems?

A ruler should be approached like fire (lest he may not cause harm).

Just as one is careful while warming oneself with fire (so that it may not burn) in the same way one must be cautious while taking refuge in a ruler. One’s peace and one’s freedom are to be properly secured.

One should not act against the ruler.

To commit treason is prohibited. To act against the state or the ruler is an offense. Also the laws and institutions of the state are not to be transgressed.

One should not wear provocative clothes.

The dress expresses the personality of a must wear clothes according to the occasion accepted by norms of civil society . Excessive ostentation should be avoided

One should not imitate the ways of king (or of gods) The intoxication of wealth ( or power) is dreadful.

One should carefully avoid it. A common person should not follow the doings of a king nor he shold use the insignia of royalty in intoxication of wealth. One should n now way compete with royalty.

Cause a rift between two countries/Person who are jealous ( of oneself) .

A clever politician should sow dissensions in tow rivals. Who are jealous of him. Their aspirations thus should be curbed.

Politician or Ruler addicted to vices cannot accomplish tasks.

One addicted to vices cannot successfully finish a tasks. His time and energy is exhausted in such vices. Most of the vices originate from desire of sensual enjoyments and anger. Hunting, gambling drinking are vices born out of sensual desire while every, fault finding originate from anger. All these vices tend to low self-confidence together with the loss of time and energy. Consequently, the plans and tasks (of the state) remain unaccomplished.