Top 7 Quotes by Chanakya about Wealth , Effort and Fortune

 When There is wealth a little effort accomplishes the task.

According to Chanakya If the treasury is full of wealth, the plans for social benefit can be executed easily. Mere hard work does not bear fruit or we can say a person without means is unable to accomplish his tasks. Efforts and wealth both are needed for attaining objects of life.

Chanakya Quotations

A task in which a suitable device is used is not difficult to achieve.

However, difficult may be the tasks, proper effort endowed with suitable device can always accomplish it. A ruler shold be use seven devices (like Sama, Dama Danda Bheda, Upeksha and indrajal) to accomplish a tasks as the case may be. In personal life also one has to first ascertain about the means of accomplishment and then start doing it.

Without an expedient , a task even if attempted, fails.

If one attempts a task without ascertaining the proper expedient, one may fail. Proper contrivance is necessary to succeed in venture.

Expedient is the aid to those who seek success in undertakings.

For success in undertakings, contrivance is very important. Also the pros and cons of the same should be well ascertained. Thus expedient is the only if for those who strive for success in their tasks.

A task attains its objective through human effort.

According to Chanakya Niti Shastra When a person determines to perform a task, it becomes his objective. Then he puts best of efforts to accomplish it. While performing, a truly active person does not care for its fruit (failure or success), he goes on doing hard work. It is an accepted truth that hard-work always pay.

Fortune follows human-effort.

Luck follows human effort. One just sitting for things to happen does not obtain anything. It is only the laborious and diligent who gets success. Man’s efforts should be related to present only He should not depend upon past or destiny

One who is not calm and collected cannot earn one’s livelihood (or accomplish one’s tasks).

One dependent upon destiny hardly gets means to lead life. A lazy and unbalanced person’s life becomes futile.

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