Chankya Quotes on Importance of Task Completion

 First decide and then commence the tasks in Politics

Before commencing a task one should thoroughly think all aspects of ti. Is it essential to do, what will be the result of it, how it will be executed and which device will be used? Such questions are to be pondered upon? Otherwise there will be always repentance.

once a task is commenced there should not be waste of time.

Once a tasks is started there should not be reluctance of relinquishment. Doing slowly or derogatorily is also not desirable.

The fickle minded one cannot accomplish a task .

A fickle-minded person is not committed to one task. He starts one, leaves it in between and takes up another. With such attitude accomplishment of tasks is not possible.

I available resources are despised, tasks a goes away.

Start doing with whatever means yo possess. To run after the things ( or means) which are not available, is foolishness.

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