Top 5 Chanakya Quotes on Time & Work

 A work which may result in misfortune should not be started.

Before commencing a task, its results are to be ascertained. If results do not seem beneficial for all, such tasks should not be started.

One who knows the ( opportune) time accomplishes the task.

Every task has its own time. Just as a seed sown at (particular) time is sprouted, in the same way a task started at right time always gets accomplished.

Due to lapse of time, time itself consumes the fruit( or action)

If a task is not finished in time, its fruit is consumed by time itself carelessness, delay or postponement destroys the result of actions. So a person specially tr ruler should not delay in executing tasks of public welfare.

Do not delay even for a moment in executing the Delay even for moment causes loss of task.

A man specially the administrator should not waste time. A task done at the right time brings good result. So a person ( o ruler) should try to finish the job in time and not delay it even by one minute.

one should commence a work after fully understanding the place and the consequences.

Before taking up a task, the one should think of the circumstances of place and also take note of the consequences. There are some tasks which performed at one place can be beneficial while at another place they can be futile. So it is necessary to ascertain such aspects.

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